Wedding ideas in 2018

Wedding ideas in 2018

South African Wedding Ideas

So you’re searching the web for wedding inspiration?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Your wedding day is a day of both beauty and a celebration of love. To help you, we’ve gathered all our resources and years of experience. A few of the most important details of a wedding lie in:

    • The dress
    • The cake
    • The venue
    • and the decor

Here are our top suggestions.


Wedding Dress


African wedding dress

Living in South Africa there is a rich African culture, celebrated for its beauty.

To do this justice our first wedding dress relies on African culture. More traditional African wedding dresses are common place in the wedding dress space. African wedding dresses are both trendy and fashionable. This is due to Afrocentrism which praises African style and cultural clothing as beautiful and worthy of celebration.

What’s wonderful about these dresses is that they can have a double purpose. They’re applicable for formal attire and as a beautiful wedding dress. Making it the choice for an item of clothing with longevity.

African wedding dress

For more dress options visit Shifting Sands.


Traditional wedding dress

The beauty of the bride will always shine in the traditional wedding dress. Although they are not always the most practical, often used only once, with a hefty price tag. If your wish is for the traditional wedding then, the traditional wedding dress is for you.

Traditional wedding dress


Non-traditional wedding dress

The non traditional wedding dress has grown in popularity in the last few decades. Many ladies turn to shorter more functional dresses.

A shorter dress will allow for greater movement. Allowing every bride to boogie, twist and shout like we did last summer. The non traditional wedding is has the versatility of the African wedding dress. It’s great for cocktail parties if you have nothing to wear? Or do you…

Non-traditional wedding dress


Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect wedding cakes comes down to personal preference. Cake tasting is the name of the game and to make sure you have the perfect flavour you have to attend at least one.

The options for designs are endless, one needs to decide if you want cupcakes? A leveled caked? Is it square or round?

Below are our favourite picks.

For more options visit Emma’s Cakes.


Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the hardest tasks facing a bride and groom.

If you and your partner have a vision of how the wedding should look, make sure the venue’s match this. It will help you avoid heartache and regret at a later stage.

It’s important to stick to budget as this could cut into other aspects of the wedding of equal importance. Stay informed of what each venue includes and excludes. This will help avoid hidden costs and trust me there will be!

Finally, it’s important to have a rough idea of who you’ll be inviting. This avoids wasted time on venue’s too small or too large.


Wedding Decor

So you have your dress, you have the cake and you have a venue so what do you fill it with? The wedding decor will set the mood and is the best place not to skimp. Even the worst venue’s if done well will look beautiful. The best venues will look empty if decorated too sparingly and often the minimalist look is hard to master.

Here are our top picks for decor and flower ideas.


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